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Healthy Congregations Task Force

The Healthy Congregations Task Force seeks to promote a vibrant community life within UCH.

It was charged by the Board to promote peace and harmony within the congregation and help us move forward as we make some challenging decisions.

Additional programs are planned to encourage people to get to know each other, to develop friendships, and to work together to fulfill the mission of UCH.

Be on the lookout for the "Strengthening Our Beloved Community" program to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Please join us for these upcoming activities.
  • Reconciliation as a Spiritual Practice - An adult education session providing the opportunity to explore our individual needs for reconciliation with friends, families, and other UCH members.
  • Other adult education sessions - These will focus on building skills for strengthening our relationships at UCH, in our families, or at work. Members will have the opportunity to expand their skills in communication and conflict management.
Watch the video of our UUA consultant Mike Harris give his report to our congregation. (October 2015).
Read our recent Reporter article (page 3).

The task force previously developed and implemented the listening campaign in the fall of 2015 to gather input from the congregation.  Here’s what we learned:
Specifically, the Board charged the task force with the following:
  1. Developing a series of educational and interactional sessions to facilitate increased sense of belonging increased commitment to the mission and vision of UCH and increased ability of the members to communicate with honesty and love.
  2. Developing and implementing a process for managing conflicts that might threaten or have an adverse effect on the congregations’ ministry.
  3. Promoting reconciliation between individuals or groups of individuals as well as the congregation as a whole.
From left: Karen Mallah, Kendra Trufahnestock, Kate Carpenter, Nancy Hall,
Sandy Hamstra and Bob Bargh

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