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What does your family spend on groceries and gas each month?  $200?  $300? $400? More? 

What if you could make an annual contribution to UCH of $240, $360, $480 or more, without spending one cent more than you already are spending for your monthly grocery bill?

It is possible! ... And it's easier than you think!

By purchasing gift cards from UCH and then shopping at Giant, Karns or Weis, you will be contributing to UCH because the church receives a rebate of either 5% (Karns & Weis) or 10% (Giant) on every grocery card you buy.  The $500 a month you spend at Giant would mean an annual contribution of $600 to UCH!

The Giant gift cards can be used for groceries, gas and pharmacy.

The process is quick and easy.  You can sign up for automatic bill pay through your bank or credit union, or through the UCH automated pledge payment system (Vanco). Or you can even mail your check to the church for your cards if you prefer.

There is no charge to participate and no commitment--you can opt out at any time. 

The grocery gift card forms are available on the back hallway bulletin board (by the restrooms) in the Common Room at Clover Lane and in the Fellowship Hall at Market.  You can also download the grocery gift card forms below.
How does the program work and how much can UCH make?
Currently, we have about 70 participants. UCH earned close to $25,000 this past fiscal year. 
Let's get that number up for 2016-2017!!!
The bottom line is we all need groceries so why not help your church in the process? You don't even have to leave your house to get your cards, we'll mail them to you! Cards are mailed out on the 5th and 20th of every month. For more information, please review the information below in the forms.
Gift Card Forms
Gift Card Sales at UCH: Gift Cards will be for sale on the last Sunday of every month at Clover Lane (Common Room) after service and the first Sunday of every month at Market Street (Fellowship Hall) after service.
If you have any questions about the gift card program, please contact Tavia Flanagan, our office assistant via email or by calling the church office.

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