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Core Values, Mission & Ends Statements

One of the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees is to envision the future of the church and set its goals. These goals come from the congregation's core values. At the workshops earlier this year groups of the members of this church met to define the core values. From the core values comes the mission of the church and the goals of the church (Ends). The Ends are the direction to our Senior Minister, and he/she is charged with achieving them. The Board sets limits on the Senior Minister through formal Executive Limitations. As the church changes those core values, mission, and ends should be regularly reviewed and revised. The Board held a retreat Oct 19 and used the material gathered at the congregational workshop to identify these.
UCH Core Values
  • Loving-Kindness
  • Connection
  • Transformation
  • Joy
UCH Mission Statement
  • Build Bridges, Celebrate Community
UCH Ends Statements
  • Individuals associated with the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg joyfully discover the power within that connects us to the whole of life
  • Individuals associated with the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg connect to a safe, diverse, respectful and loving community
  • The Unitarian Church of Harrisburg lives its Unitarian Universalist values and transforms the world outside its walls

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